Smart Indoor Garden Kit

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  • Intelligent timing, Full-spectrum mode: plug in the power, the button lights, enter the timing state, the timing is set to 16 hours fill light + 8 hours rest, automatic cycle.
  • Planting energy-saving mode: short press the button twice to enter the red and blue pure planting mode.
  • Adjustable reading mode (regular table lamp mode, adjustable brightness): raise flowers, read the two correct, that is, plant growth lights, but also eye protection reading lights, care for plants and your eyes.
  • Water shortage alarm: built-in water level sensor, peripheral water level line, both coexist. When the water level in the plating tank is lower than 10%, the water level warning light will continue to light, and a "drop" sound will be sounded every 15 minutes. , reminding to add water.
  • New hydroponic technology: special planting medium avoids pest pollution caused by soil and eliminates mosquito growth. At the same time, using meteorite medium to improve the germination rate of plants, is more suitable for plant growth.
  • Special intelligent lighting, sink settings: through the study of the spectrum of sunlight, using special LED lamp beads to fill the plant, so that photosynthesis, so that plants have sufficient Yang Guan and water supply, while avoiding The baptism of outdoor wind and rain makes the flowers more vivid and moving, allowing the flowering period to last longer.

Button operation

  • 1. Connect the power supply;
  • 2, short press the button, enter the full-open (red, blue, and white light full) automatic mode, the machine automatically counts the cycle work time and rest time (work 16 hours, rest 8 hours);
  • 3, the full-open mode and then press the button to enter the planting pattern (red blue). In this mode, the machine will start cycle time and rest time (work 16 hours, rest 8 hours) from this time;
  • 4, and then press the button planting patterns, entering mode lamp (white light). In this mode, press the button, brightness adjustment third gear cycle, after selecting the appropriate luminance brightness lock release button;
  • 5. Press the button again in the lamp mode to shut down;
  • 6, a total of four short button main functions can be cycled, in order: boot full light - plant lights - table lamp - shutdown
  • Note: After each shutdown or switch mode, the machine will restart timing working hours and rest time.

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