Flea Trap

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  • SPRAY FREE & ECO FRIENDLY - Advanced incandescent bulb generates deceptive warmth and IR to lure especially the flea pupae to jump towards the glue trap, and get stuck like idiots. It helps detect if flea infestation arose especially in areas you can’t spray.
  • EFFECTIVE FOR ALL SMALL CRAWLIES - Catches random small crawlies including ants, tiny moths, tiny spiders, some black bug that has rear pinchers, etc.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - The sticky domes arrived in 2 pieces. Assembly required that the light fits into the top part of the dome, and then the two pieces snap together and the trap inserted.
  • MAKE CLEANING SIMPLE - The sticky disc should be checked weekly to see if it needs to be replaced. When there are so many small insects, you need to change the board more frequently. 
  • A NIGHT LAMP ALSO - The bulb is bright and works as a night light if your kid needs one.

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