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  • 【Unlock the Next Location By Now】 In order to get through all the levels to unlock everything in the game, it will take around four to five hours if you are not upgrading your equipment at every opportunity and playing on the higher difficulty levels. By now you can take this to help you go to the next level.
  • 【Unique Designed】 It was equipped with a reel to help you move fast in the right way but also keep the line tight. Silicone grips on the right controller rod help you stay in the right place to wait for the fish to come to the hook without tired.
  • 【Make it Realism】Casting the line, hooking fish, reeling them in, and catching them, it feels as if the reel is attached to the pole like you have a real fishing pole in your hands! Once the fish is come to the hook then move the reel as real fishing.
  • 【Full Access to All Buttons】Casting the line is as simple as doing a casting motion and letting go of the trigger button to send out your line. The left controller was sitting in the open base once catchable fish is placed on your face you can easily catch them by moving the left controller.
  •  【Reeling Fatser with Roller Bearing】Once a fish is hooked it is time to reel them in. Smaller and easier fish rarely put up a fight and you can just real them in. But it is the bigger or rare fish that give the bigger money and EXP rewards. These require a bit more effort to real them in, So with this you can fighting them with the powerful reel.

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