Solar Bird Feeder for Outdoor Hanging

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🐦Exquisite Workmanship - The hummingbird feeder is made by hand with complex workmanship. The cover and base are made of solid metal, which is durable and not easy to corrode. The middle part is made of mosaic glass. The remaining nectar can be easily viewed through colorful but translucent glass.
🐦2-in-1 Solar Bird Feeder - It is not only a bird feeder, but also a solar garden lantern. The bird feeder absorbs sunlight during the day and emits light at night. The bird feeder will emit beautiful light in your garden for 8-12 hours. It can well decorate your garden or courtyard. With a switch design, the light can be turned off when not in use.
🐦Fashionable Roof Shape Design - The sloping roof shape can better shelter birds from the sun and rain. The base has drain holes to help keep the seeds fresh and dry. It is equipped with a metal hook, you can move to your favorite bird-watching place. It can be easily hung on trees or walls.
🐦 Easy to Install and Clean - It can be manually disassembled into individual parts without using tools. Even amateurs can easily assemble it, and its independent base and glass bottle can be easily cleaned with a brush or rag. Periodic cleaning is recommended.

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