Bird Nest Budgies Hanging Hammock for Winter

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  • [Warm and Comfortable]The nest consists of three layers of safe and high-quality materials: the top layer is pure cotton twill surface cloth, the inner layer is lock temperature thermal crystal velvet, and the interlayer is PP cotton. The material density is high, and it will not wrap around the feet of the bird. The soft and delicate crystal velvet gives the bird a comfortable touch. The light and unbound nest make the bird feel warm and comfortable in the cold autumn and winter.
  • [Triangular Round Hole Design]The front side of the cave is interesting, satisfying the parrot's hobby of drilling holes while allowing birds to better observe and interact with you. There is no hole on the back of the design, so that the parrot is not affected by the cold wind, to give the parrot more warmth. The two sides of the opening design, will not poke the bird's tail, can be a good protection of the bird's tail, and is also very friendly to parakeets.
  • [Stable Support]The stitching line of the product is very precise. There is a piece of an acrylic plate with high toughness at the bottom, which has good supporting force. Birds will not collapse and deform when they stand on it. The high-quality lock nut hook makes the suspension more stable and thickens the rubber rope hanging rope, which makes the product strong bearing and resistant to biting. High quality, stable and reliable, bring you and the bird a full sense of security.
  • [Multi-purpose]Soft and comfortable sleep tests reduce stress in confined Spaces and provide the birds with a sense of security. Bright and colorful cartoons are great for attracting the attention of birds, who can rest, hide, play and sleep here. The bird's nest is suitable for small and medium-sized parrots such as tiger-skin parrots, golden suns, honey suckers, monks, and dark phoenixes, as well as small animals such as hamsters, hedgehogs, and squirrels.
  • [Easy To Hang and Clean]There are rope and metal hooks on the top of the hammock. The hooks are designed as lock nuts. You only need to twist the cylindrical nut in the middle to hang the hooks on the bird cage, bird tent, or wherever you want to hang them. Just remove the metal hook and bottom acrylic sheet, hand wash or machine wash, and air dry.

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