Painless IPL Hair Removal

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  • Effective & Permanent Hair Removal】 IPL hair removal system adopted the same clinically proven IPL tech used by dermatologists and beauty salons. The principle is to emit a strong pulse and be absorbed by the hair follicle, stimulates the hair follicle to enter a dormant period to achieving permanent hair removal.
  • Gentle & Painless】The Fasbruy IPL hair removal emits a warm light and the skin only feels mild heat. It is very gentle, especially for first-time users or operating on gentle areas, such as the face or bikini line.
  • 5 Levels & 2 Mode5 different energy levels to adapt to different skin. You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth speed. The first time we suggest that start from level 1 to get used to the device and flashes. Two modes of design can satisfy your demands on different hair removal parts. The MANUAL mode is mainly used for small area hair removal, such as bikini line, armpit, fingers, lips; AUTO Mode can be used for large hair removal areas, such as arms, legs, stomach, and back.
  • 999,999 Flashes & No Disposables Required】999,999 Flashes enough for a lifelong time. Follow the instructions of the manual to use the IPL hair removal properly, it will help you achieve the effect of removing hair faster.
  • An Economical At-Home Solution】Compared with the cost of salon hair removal methods, the financial benefits of this At-home hair removal device will soon be seen. 


How to use:

  • 1.Remove excess hair by shaving, epilating, or waxing the area before the first treatment.
  • 2.Select the correct intensity level. To achieve the best results, use it every two weeks for the first two months and then do monthly touch-ups.
  • 3.Turn the unit on and press it to your skin. Wait for the ready flashlight to turn on and press the flash button.


Package included:

  • 1 x IPL Laser Hair Removal
  • 1 x US Power Adapter
  • 1 x Shaving Knife 
  • 1 x PC Goggles
  • 1 x Operation Manual

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