Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

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  • 4-in-1 Multifunctional】Not just an alarm clock, this tool also can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, and FM radio. With all these functions in one, it can make your room tidier and reduce the clutter on your bedside table.
  • 10W FAST WIRELESS CHARGING】Unique non-slip charging design! The alarm clock supports 5W/7.5W/10W adaptive charging, which can charge your smartphone with Qi-enabled functionality quickly and easily. It also features a USB port to charge other electronic devices, such as a second phone, power bank, or smartwatch.
  • Bluetooth Speaker】Bluetooth 5.0 technology for easy pairing and high-speed data transfer up to 10M Range. With a simple connection operation, you can enjoy music from a device anywhere in the room.
  • Dual Alarm】The dual alarm function allows you to set 2 different wake-up times for heavy sleepers to ensure you are never late for work. You can also set 2 different alarms to remind you to wake up or work out. [Please note that this version of the time display supports only military time (24-hours)]
  • 3 Levels of Brightness】The clock’s large LED display (5.7" * 4.2" * 2.8" ) makes it easy to see. There are 3 brightness options for you to adapt to your own habits. Neither too bright to keep you awake nor too dim to see.

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