Body Camera Magnet Mount

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  • 6pcs Strong Magnetic Force】When the two pieces of the back are clamped together, a strong Magnetic Suction will be generated. The outside is up and the inside is down. The six magnets attract each other to form the strongest clip. Please note that if the direction is opposite, the magnetic force will weaken.
  • How To Use the Magnetic Suction】Put the “inside” on the inside of the clothes and the “outside” on the outside of the clothes. The two pieces overlap at the same position to form a stable wall and then clamp the law enforcement device in the prominent gap. A slight vibration cannot make it fall.
  • High-quality MaterialsUniversal magnetic suction back clips adopt high-quality black silicone materials which are safe, non-toxic, odorless, very soft and elastic, and will not cause damage to clothes. It has thermal stability and is not easy to melt.
  • Easy To Carry with Pocket Size】The Magnetic Suction Clips have only two silicone sheets with magnets, convenient to carry. And it is 10x12cm dimension, It can be fixed on clothes at any time or put in pocket.
  • Note】 Because the magnetic force is very strong, be careful not to pinch your hands when using it. If the positions of the two clips are opposite, the magnetic force will decrease and easily fall off.

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