Electric Cupping Therapy Machine

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Cupping and scraping are ancient techniques used to manage pain in the body. Both forms of therapy originated in East Asian countries and involve massaging your tissues to increase blood flow, promoting healing.

  • ✅【STRONGER CUPPING, EASIER TO RELAX MUSCLES】Cupping helps relieve muscle soreness and tension and speeds up recovery after exercise.
  • ✅【HEATING CUPPING THERAPY MASSAGE】Cupping massager has 9 levels of adjustable temperature, is easy to operate. It is recommended to use with essential oils together. Smooth skin can avoid skin damage. (Please preheat 3-5 minutes before use, the maximum temperature of about 107 ° F, can effectively prevent low - temperature burns)
  • ✅【SKIN CONGESTION HELPS BREAK DOWN SCAR TISSUE】After cupping/scraping, it may leave traces similar to "bruises" on the skin. This is due to skin congestion, which usually disappears gradually after 3-4 days. The cupping congestion effect helps promote blood circulation and accelerate the healing of subcutaneous inflammation.
  • ✅【MORE EFFICIENT & PORTABLE MASSAGER】Compared with the traditional cupping cup set, the electric scraping and cupping massager has strong suction power and can quickly complete the cupping. In addition, the electric capping machine is small in size and easy to use and carry.

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