Tesla Model 3/Y Magnetic Center Screen Console Tray Organizer

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  • Master Level Hidden Storage: Custom Design for Tesla Model 3 Model Y Clever use of the available space hidden behind the large Model 3/ Y central control screen. Everything fits perfectly and without any abnormal sound. Maintained the concise design of Tesla.
  • Perfect Place For Tissue Box: Concise design of the Tesla Model 3/Y center console leaves no place for the tissue box. You can easily pull out a tissue from behind the screen.

  • More Customized Functions: A strong built-in magnet and a metal plate with 3M double-sided tape provide powerful attraction. You can stick the metal plate on perfume, glasses case, or any ornaments.
  • One-sec Installation: Different from other products with buckle or double-sided tape, our hidden storage tray uses a magnetic design. You can install the storage tray with only one hand.

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