Smart Meat Thermometer

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  • 100% WIRE–FREE】 The wireless meat thermometer is completely wireless, freeing your grill from cable messes. You can remotely monitor what you're cooking with our FREE app available for smartphones and tablets. (iOS 10.3 and later / Android 5.0 and later). ※Smart phone not included.
  • 32.8Feet Long Range】 This wireless grill thermometer uses advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology, providing you with the strongest connection so you can cook your meat in the smoker up to 32.8 feet away (open space).
  • Guided Cook System】 This smart meat thermometer has presets for up to 9 types of meat and all of their doneness levels. So all you have to do is select what you're cooking and how well done you would like it, and you'll receive an alert when your meat finishes. You can also customize these settings to your own preferences.

  • 【Fast and Accurate】 This Bluetooth oven thermometer features a 304 food-grade stainless steel probe. It can measure a temperature range from -40˚F to 212˚F with a ±1.8˚F/1˚C accuracy level. Whether you're new to grilling or a pro this wireless grilling thermometer will help you cook your meat to perfection.
  • Estimates the cooking time】 The wireless smoker thermometer estimates how long it will take the meat to cook in the smoker. You no longer need to buy a separate timer to monitor what you're grilling.

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