Mineral Specimens Healing Crystal Moon-Shaped Set

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  • Pleasant Mood---This stone will enrich your day and heal your mind and body. Each stone has its own power. Just put this stone on hand to bring out your power and create a cozy space.
  • Crystal Educational Props---This polished crystal gemstone can be used to educate your children about various minerals and decorate fish tanks, sand tables, miniature gardens, courtyard, pond, swimming pool, flower pot, vase, flower bed, window sill and showcase.
  • Moon Crystal Display Box---The Moon Tray Crystal Display Box is composed of 32 beautiful stones with a powerful energy. Especially effective for meditation, focus, relaxation, etc. It can also be used to capture the energy of the new moon and full moon, so it can be used for different occasions and moods.
  • Carefully Hand-Selected Gemstones---Sparkling gemstones in natural moonlight can feel the mystery of nature through its color and sparkle. It also has 32 carefully selected colors that emit a beautiful rainbow of light.
  • Excellent Gift---This set of polished stones can be used as a gift for parents, lovers, classmates, and colleagues. Suitable for women, stone lovers, crystal enthusiasts, and a great gift for beginners or experienced gemstone collectors for birthday gifts, graduation gifts, children's day, Christmas, New Year's gifts.

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