Puppy Kitten Milk Feeder with 3 Nipples Pet Nursing Feeding Station for Puppies

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  • 【Upgrade Spillproof Nipple】 The imitation breast-shaped nipple is designed to meet the eating habits of most suckling newborn pets of small cats and dogs. 200ml capacity, 3 to 4 pacifiers, suitable for multiple pups.
  • 【Imitates The Pet Mother】Milk will flow imitate the pet mother, imitate the size and touch of the mother's breast. Little cute pets will absorb and grow better.
  • 【Safety Silicone Material】Puppy / kitten feeder is made of food-grade silicone material, which is safe, soft, flexible, high temperature resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Suitable for liquids such as milk and water.
  • 【Guide For Use】Guide the nipple of the puppy bottle set into the pet baby's mouth. When it tastes milk, it will gradually suck. If not, please try 2-3 times patiently. After familiarizing with the bubble feeder, it will suck by itself.

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