Quick-Drying Sport Towel with Storage Box for Yoga Sport Gym Workout Camping Running

Color: Blue
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  • Breathable & quick-drying: The towel adopts the unique honeycomb 3D three-dimensional weaving technology, which is light, comfortable, and refreshing to use. Suitable for fitness, outdoor workers.
  • Waterproof storage box: The packaging is made of waterproof EVA storage box with ventilation holes to prevent the towel from breeding dirt. It is more neat and hygienic than plastic packaging bags, and it is easier to store and organize.
  • Multi-purpose: Suitable for outdoor running, fishing, cycling, climbing, hiking, yoga, gym, outdoor work and other environments.
  • New cold-feeling fabric: The cold-feeling sports towel absorbs heat and adjusts the temperature through the particularity of the fabric structure, giving people a cool and comfortable feeling. The fabric does not contain additives, polymer materials, crystal glue, phase change materials, and is safe and healthy to use.
  • Rapid cooling: After exercising and sweating, soak the towel and shake it 3 times to instantly cool down, which accelerates the dissipation of sweat, and has a long-lasting cool feeling.

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